Hey everyone!!  I’m Crystal Teal, and if you don’t already know me in person, hopefully you will learn to love me through my blog! ❤  I have 2 daughters 7 and 16 months, 2 step sons 10 and 9 and I’m due with our LAST child (and yes I specify last) in April!!  It’s another girl yay!!  Other then being an awesome mom/step-mom and wife! (self proclaimed of course!)  I also created my own handmade jewelry line a few years ago in honor of the memory of my Grandmother, Eleanor.  She taught me how to craft and the joy of making handmade gifts for friends and family.  The love of crafting blossomed into a beautiful handmade Swarovski Crystal jewelry company!  And because I love to work with my hands, I also appreciate pampering them as well, so of course I naturally fell in love with Manicures and all things Hand Care!! So you can check out my latest manis, tips, tricks and hand care products as well!!  There are so many dimensions to every woman, even a mom, and I plan to showcase them all here!  I would say, I’m like a modern day “Lucy”!  Enjoy my witty sarcasm, fun nature and crafty awkward self!!  And make sure you follow me to see what crazy adventures I get myself into next!!  Welcome to the show! 😉