Back from my Sabbatical

So its been just over 4 months since my last post and I’ve finally decided to come off of my sabbatical!  Our little Hannah is now 4 months old (almost 5!) Where did the time go already!!  She has been busy rolling over, cooing and trying her first food just the other day!  In the meantime, Claire(2) has been busy keeping us up and refusing to sleep!  She climbs out of her crib every night 100 times….We have tried every trick in the book.  So patience is the name of our game…and not sleeping is sooo fun! (not!)….In other news we have moved into our new apartment and are really happy here!blog new  It’s only been 2 weeks, but we already feel like its home, which makes me super happy!  Ella has started 2nd grade and loves her new school and Cole has started his first year in junior high!!  He loved it day 1 and day 2 he was already done with the excitement! haha! I think he is already quickly heading for early teenage attitude fun! (lucky us!)

Other excitement….I have had a few new business partners join our amazing mani loving group of ladies!!  I also have a huge festival in Misquamicut Beach coming up!! It’s called Fall Fest and it’s a 3 day festival for my jewelry business and I am super excited and nervous!!  This is a BIG step in my jewelry company and I feel like it’s the beginning of a new adventure for us!  This may not sound like very exciting updates but I promise there is so much more fun to come!!

I feel that I am starting a new chapter in my life and this is just the beginning!! ❤ I’m so excited for it too!  So much positive energy right now, I feel great!

**I’m heading back to my Tuesday and Thursday page updates if you are subscribing and trying to keep up with our fun adventures and business updates!!**


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