Our little bundle has finally arrived!!

So after all the waiting and pregnancy craziness she has finally arrived!!  I thought it was another “false alarm” when I woke up at 4am screaming on the floor with contractions again….but after much craziness we realized that it was real labor and honestly just in time to deliver at the hospital!!

I woke up with BAD contractions (which had happened several times before)!  I was frustrated knowing that I was going to be induced on Friday and that I couldn’t handle these strong Braxton Hicks for 3 more days until then… Scott was debating on staying home from work but having missed so much for false labor, we agreed that he should go in and I’ll ‘tough it out’ until the kids get on the bus then go to the er for something to slow the contractions….well about 5 mins after he left I started screaming, I had to call my mother to come who had my father follow just in case because the kids still needed to get on the bus for school!  My mom walked in while I was screaming in pain on the floor and my toddler was laying on the floor next to me! lol!!  My step son was getting ready for school and my mom realized that my contractions were only 2 mins apart and we needed to go to the hospital immediately!!  So she raced me there and I layed on the sidewalk outside the hospital while she yelled for someone to get a wheelchair!  She called Scott who raced to the hospital and got there literally 30 secs before our sweetheart “Hannah Sophia” was born! ❤ ❤ ❤

It was definitely a crazy ride and totally unexpected the way it happened but I couldn’t be happier that our little bundle and I do mean little (she was our smallest baby yet! 7 lbs, 3oz ❤ ) has arrived!!!  This was definitely a crazy pregnancy and I am so glad that it is over!  Between my gall bladder, pancreatitis, surgery, root canal, the malnourishment and vitamin deficiencies I am SO GLAD to be just starting to feel like I’m getting back to my normal self!

The kids are all very excited about their new baby sister!  Even my little Claire Bear!  She is ‘smothering’ her new baby sister with kisses!! (Don’t worry, we are supervising very closely to make sure, she is not actually smothered!!) ❤

Be prepared for LOTS of fun baby pics coming soon!!!……This train of AWESOMENESS called ‘my family’ has just gotten a little bit crazier!!!  The more the merrier right?!?! 😉


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