False Alarm…Again!!

Ok people, false alarm!! And ooh what a surprise!!  No baby….AGAIN!!  You know that point you get in your pregnancy where you have just absolutely had it??  And you will do almost anything to get that baby out?? ….Well I am so beyond there!!  After crazy upon crazy contractions ALLLLLLL day, still no baby!  But my favorite part, is when you walk into the maternity ward all like ‘Yes!  I’m finally having this baby!’ And the nurse looks at you and says, yea you are definitely dehydrated and clearly ‘overdid it today’…. Cue a SERIOUS “eye roll” face and me holding back my now lack of filter and not telling her how I really feel about her super obnoxious and unnecessary comment… Thank you dear Maternity nurse who has clearly worked too many hours today, please reserve your judgements on the tired, exhausted and truly contracting Mom to be…thanks!

Okay, well I guess that is all of my complaining for right now! lol!! I hope these posts are at least keeping all of you entertained!  (That’s less then I can say for my poor husband who feels like we live at the ER and can never seem to catch a break!)  Poor man, sitting there watching me suffer….I almost feel bad! (eye roll…)

Well at least I’m still ‘neck and neck’ with April the Giraffe who has still sadly not given birth either!! LOL!! (Pun intended!!)me2


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