The Magic of Layering!

Hey everyone!!  So, I don’t know if you have ever experimented with layering lacquers before but I am LOVING all the layering ideas that I have found lately!!! Okay, so first of all if you LOVE the look in the picture above then check out the amazing @pamperedpolishes who is a master at layering polishes and has gorgeous natural nails that I envy!! ❤ The look above features our Jamberry “Raven” lacquer with “Graphite” gel layered over top!  I am absolutely in LOVE with this particular layering, which is why I made this picture the featured look here!!  Speaking of layering Jamberry has now released our new “Chiffon” lacquer as well, which can be worn alone for a neutral shiny look or can be layered over ANY of our lacquers or gels!! The best part about this AMAZING lacquer is that it is a GAME CHANGER!!! Not only is it changing the look but even the COLOR of many of our other lacquers!!  Creating an entirely new look and essentially giving you an additional color for your palette!!!  Win Win!!!  Here are some Chiffon and lacquer layered examples below!

Above from left to right we have “Chiffon” layered over our “Porcelain” gel, then a sample of some of our lacquers on the left and “Chiffon” over those same lacquers on the right, then here is a mani with “Chiffon” layered over our “Raven” lacquer!!  ❤

You can layer with many lacquers, “Chiffon” is just one of our new lacquers that layers well over many other lacquers and gels changing the look entirely giving each mani a whole new life!!  Comment below with some of your favorite layering matches!!  And click the link on my business page to see how you can get your hands on some of your own Jamberry lacquers!! ❤


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