Inspiration Can Come from Anywhere

So today I went to Michaels, my ultimate inspirational store!!!  I can go in for “2 seconds, for 1 quick thing”…..and come out 2 hours later with a cart full of things I never planned to get and 100 new projects!!  I had zero intention of buying this little watercolor kit for instance or the calligraphy watercolor pen, but when I got there and saw the teal colored sweet watercolor tin, I just HAD to have it!!! Then watercolor and calligraphy combo?!?!  How could I not get the pens!! Then I came home, added some ombre and came up with some new signature cards that will go out in each of my orders!! ❤ I am so SO happy with the way these came out!! If you look for it and embrace it, inspiration is all around us!  I find it in many places in life, like these cards!!  Love love love it!!!

Do you think that’s the only inspiration I’ve encountered lately?  No!  My sweet little Eleanor brought me these flowers that popped up through the snow in our yard!  A little inspiration during this long cold winter that if someone so beautiful can come through then something beautiful can come out of something terrible like this snowy weather!!  Her beautiful little flower buds inspired this stunning violet bracelet. ❤  Gotta love that little girl!! She was my first and best inspiration!!  SO much love, she inspired a company and created a DIY monster in me!! Like this beautiful bracelet below, check out my jewelry page to check out the rest of my collection!!  🙂

inspiration blog2


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