Pinterest Revamp!!

So have you ever started playing around on Pinterest and just gotten lost for hours?!  It’s SO HARD for me not to lose a day looking on Pinterest!  I just re-organized all of my Pinterest boards and created a brand new one as well, called the “Spring Mani Tutorial and Showcase”!!  I highly recommend that you check it out for some great tutorials and new products from our new Spring Catalog!  Follow me on Pinterest and check out my new board here!!

Its funny….as I look at all of my boards and how many pins I have so far, I see that as a crafty, diy, nail and jewelry girl I have the most pins on my “Recipies” board, which is quite hysterical since I hate to cook!! LOL!!  I don’t mind baking, but cooking has never been my forte!  But apparently there are a LOT of recipies that I just HAVE to try on Pinterest!!  To the point where I actually have MULTIPLE recipe boards!!  But don’t worry, there is WAY more fun stuff to look at on there!! I promise, I’m a fun pinner!! 😉

Comment below with your pinterest name so I can follow you back!!  I’m looking for some new great people to follow and what better peeps to follow then my own readers!! ❤

Below you will find a sneak peek to some of my other boards!!  I have a lot of diverse subject matter! 😉


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