7 Year Olds Can Apply Jams Too!

So tonight I’ve come to the realization that I can no longer reach my toes comfortably.  Yes I’m at that super fun pregnancy stage!! LOL!!  Yay!!  So my 7 year old daughter, Eleanor has so graciously decided that she will apply my pedicure for me!!  Such a sweetheart, since the options were her, or my husband, who was skeptical but a willing last resort!! hehe!!  Did I ever mention that I HATE feet?!  I don’t want anyone touching mine and I don’t want to touch theirs either!  Making this so much more fun!!

I have to say, watching how hard my daughter concentrated and how quickly she did my toes, I have to say, she really pays attention to me!!  I do have to tell you that she choose the questionable match of gray lacquer to go with my beautiful sparkly silver and red “Canada Relief” jams!  I let her pick the lacquer because of how dedicated she was! 🙂 Plus, I can’t afford to upset my only pedicure option right now! blog-post-9a

So as you can see, she was concentrating very hard!  But luckily Jams are so easy that it is true, even a 7 year old can apply them! Proof above.  Boom!  I just love this kid! ❤

And the final results are in!  Not a bad job Eleanor!! Of course Mommy applied her Jr Jams with the pink lacquer she picked out as a reward for the AMAZING pedicure I got!!  Of course I took these pics before I put on our cuticle oil and Nourish, so we look a little dry!  ***But its always best to give it a few hours before applying cuticle oil or nourish, so that your jams have time to fully seal!***

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