Finally Home, Back to the Grind!

So I waited all day to be discharged and finally just after 5pm tonight I get home!!  I missed my kids, my Jam Squad, and even my husband! lol!!  I know no one believes it, but it’s tough being at the hospital by yourself!  I post this pic of my toes because I am so glad that I had them nicely manicured and moisturized, like I always do!  Because I was so dehydrated at the hospital that after 7 people (yes 7 people!!) tried to get an iv in me they had to look at my feet, debating putting the iv in my foot!!  Thank goodness the 7th person was able to get the iv line in!! Phew!!

Although my visit was tough, it was nice to be checked on and be sent sweet and positive messages from my amazing team!!  Just another reason why I love my Jamily!! ❤  My family and friends were amazing as well!! Thank you everyone for all the love!  I can’t wait to get back to work, because this is the first time in my life where I can truly say that I love my job and the flexibility it provides me with! ❤

Coming home some things that I was able to pamper myself with, was my Nourish which I use on my feet as well as my hands, my new Limelight Skincare which I have fallen in love with and my pregnancy pillow which at this point I just can’t sleep well without!! To see more about some of my favorite things, check back tomorrow!!


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