How Hubby Handles the Kids When Mommy’s Admitted…

So many of you know that I have been suffering with gallstones and it’s been a nightmare during the last 2 months of this pregnancy so far… but remember, I’m not due until April 13!!  The problem is I keep having gallbladder attacks and the pain is so intense I can’t breathe and end up on all fours on the floor screaming whenever I can get a breath out until an ambulance comes.  It’s actually the worst thing I have ever been through.  It’s pretty terrible 😦  But today I was admitted to the hospital instead of being medicated and given oxygen in the ER which is what they usually do.  This is because my gallstones have now caused Pancreatitis!  Ugh!!  And of course with all of our children, and a snowstorm today my husband is stuck home with all 4 kids!  And on top of it, a few hours before we had to call an ambulance, he started getting sick with the stomach bug that’s been going around.  So it was literally the worst time to have to go, but when this happens, of course there is no other option!  The end result is that I need surgery, but no one wants to operate while I’m pregnant unless it’s absolutely necessary, which they believe it is becoming…still a decision has not been made. 😦

So anyways…while I was admitted meanwhile Daddy gets a taste of what Mommy usually does every day.  Therefore, commence several phone calls, what do I give everyone for lunch, when’s nap time, Mommy I want you to come home, no one has a bed time, aka total free for all and crying kids wanting me to come home…. It made my hospital trip even more exciting, because I was already having SO MUCH FUN!! …not!  To be continued….


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