The Night of 3 Manis!!

Okay so tonight on my Instagram I posted a picture of my naked nails!  I rarely to never have naked nails except for the few moments where I’m removing one Mani and applying the next!  So I snapped photographic evidence of this moment to document my naked nails asking for opinions..  Do I go Bold?  Classic? or Trendy?  Well because I couldn’t wait long to apply a new Mani, I felt the need to start with Trendy (my look to the right).  I tried to be creative, and it definitely didn’t pan out.  Let’s just say after doing one hand I got frustrated, so it was time to try again!  So moving onto Mani #2, Classic (my look in the center) it’s not bad, kind of pretty actually.  After being sick and not leaving the house much lately, this Mani just wasn’t exciting enough for me!  I realized that I saved the best for last, so I needed to go Bold!  The Mani to the left with the Bold Black Cherry gel, the gorgeous “Perennial” retired jam (which is a unicorn of mine!!) and the stunning Fashionable Late gold sparkle gel!  This Mani exudes just enough Bold and excitement for me, making my whole mood change from frustration to satisfaction!  There is just nothing better then a fresh Mani that makes you happy! ❤

Have you ever left the salon dissatisfied with a manicure and been frustrated that you just paid for a Mani that is going to make you mad every time you look at it?  I know I did!  That’s why I am so glad now for my gel and jam collection and the fact that I can change them at any time!  Be smart and make the change like I did!  I know you will be happier and as a bonus you will end up with much more money in your pocket, because they are WAY less expensive then salon prices and you can get as creative or simple as you want, it’s all up to you!

For more info about making the change check out my site, shoot me a message or comment below!  CrystalTeal.Jamberry.comBlog Post 5.png


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