Living With a Small Army

So a lot of you may not know this, but my family is like a modern day “Brady Bunch”!  We have a little bit of his, mine and ours!  My two older step sons are from my husband’s first marriage, my older daughter, Eleanor are from my first marriage, Claire is ours together along with baby #5 who is on the way!  We are raising all of our children together, in collaboration with their other parents.  It’s definitely modern day, but it works for us and they all love each other very much!  ❤  My husband and I have been married for what will be 5 years this year, so we starting raising them together very young, so even though our family is blended, we are very connected.

Anyways, anyone who has this many children in one house at any time can understand the pure chaos that will ensue!  So during my days during the monday-friday grind, its toddler time with Claire!  And although I keep calling her a toddler, I’m not sure she’s actually considered a “toddler” yet, as she’s only 16 months!  But she already has the attitude!  We went to the grocery store today, like we do at least once a week and Claire just wasn’t having it!  She was sleeping when we first got their so I kept her in her infant car seat that she’s just at the end of still fitting in.  Then of course, because things can never go that smoothly, she woke up and wanted out…so I was half way through my shopping and had to rearrange the carriage to put her in the front seat, leaving the car seat taking up unnecessary room now, but too late to bring it back to the car.  So Claire decides along the rest of the trip that she is going to slowly empty out my cart, by throwing items one at a time at people walking down the aisles!  It was oh so funny/embarrassing the first 1 or 2 times…but before I left she had done it about 30 different times, I was worn and my carriage was over filled so there was no way to keep her from getting to it…I had some people laugh, some people mad, a lady telling me to control my child…I just love the judgmental looks and reactions you get from people, who clearly have had children themselves, and so quickly have forgotten the stages you go through!  Not one person, looking at my pregnant exhausted self dealing with a misbehaving baby just trying to buy groceries for this small army at home, feeling bad for me…  Somehow, we got through the shopping trip.  At the end it was past lunch time now, so I was so exhausted I did the worst thing.  I drove through McDonalds to get Claire a happy meal for lunch after doing a FULL shopping with plenty of food in the car!  Yup!!  If you are reading this and have children, you are probably laughing, because you know you have been there.  I was too tired to go home, walk up to our second floor apartment carrying Claire and then the entire car load of groceries, putting it all away and then prepping a late lunch for a baby that is clearly in need of her second nap…  It was just so much easier to feed her one nugget and fry at a time in the car and let her finish up as I attempted to carry up a few groceries up then put her down for her nap.  And thank goodness for older children who were willing to finish carrying up the rest of the groceries after they got off the bus, because I was done for…

When Eleanor and Cole get off the bus, it’s all about snack time and immediate Ipad needs, because god forbid they are in withdrawal of technology being at school all day!  But that’s okay, they both need some time to relax after school and that’s okay.  But I really need to get a better routine down before this next baby comes because I’m absolutely sure our half chaotic lives will be full blown CHAOS if I don’t!  If I was only a stay at home mom it would be slightly easier.  But remember I also run 2 separate at home businesses, so the balance is nearly impossible!  But to be a Boss Babe and to get it done, there can be no excuses!! Everyone has at least 10 excuses for why they can’t get things done, the difference about a boss is that you will use those excuses (like my army of children) as REASONS that you NEED to be vested and focused in your business and run it like one!  I can go on about this all day, but I’ll save that for another post! 😉

All in all our family is like any other, our kids just get shuffled around a little extra!  We love each other, fight, drive each other crazy, our kids are typical kids (they just have extra parents helping out).  Its definitely not easy, but life would be boring if it was!

Today’s goal: Work on a nightly and morning routine for the kids and a CHORE CHART!!


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