What are some of your go to daily products?

So as many of you know, I’m a total nail girl junkie!!  I love a new manicure as much as the next girl!!  But one of the main things that sold me with my company is the fantastic Indulgence Hand care set!  If there is one thing that makes me cringe it’s shaking a hard calloused rough hand!  I, for one, vow to never have rough hands!  I don’t mind working with my hands, but I don’t want them to feel like I do!

So the a few things that I hate about typical lotions are the greasy residue that you get left on your hands after you apply.  There is not one woman out there who likes this!  Another problem I see is a watery consistency when they are just so light of a lotion that they don’t feel like they are actually moisturizing anything?  I know you know what I mean!  What about the super perfumed lotions that are very strong smelling and prevent you from being able to wear conflicting perfume or body spray, let alone hair products!  Can’t we have a scent free moisturizer that’s thick enough to do the job and doesn’t leave a residue?  With our Nourish moisturizer, you can!

Luckily for me since I am a nail and hand care girl, I do love the idea that not only do you have a great moisturizer option, but they provide you with a great sugar scrub, called “Buff”.  Don’t you love when you go to the nail salon and they exfoliate your hands and wipe them with a warm washcloth?  That is truly my favorite part, and literally the only thing I was concerned about missing doing my own manicures at home.  But now with Buff, I don’t have to miss it!  And I can ‘Buff’ my hands multiple times a week to keep them silky smooth!  **Side note, I started Buff-ing my husband’s rough hands too and he doesn’t mind it at all especially since there is no “girly” smell!  These products are totally unisex!!**

They also have a great product called “Quench” which along with cuticle oil, I love to rub all around my cuticles and nail beds daily!  Did you ever see a beautiful mani with dried out looking fingers? Its not cute!  I’m guilty!!  Until I invested in Quench, which was a very small investment, I had very dry fingers around either side of my nails!  Thank you Quench!

Of course you can’t complete a great line of hand care products without a great cleanser, simply called “Cleanse”.  So our cleanser is great, with an awesome pump top, which any mom or woman would love!  Then is also again with no “girlie” scent and is a light texture, so it cleans your hands nicely without residue and leaves them feeling nice and tingly clean!

I know this entire post is more like a product review, which I kind of like!  But I want you ladies to hear the real deal from me!  I would never promote a product I didn’t use myself and really love!  The best part about this product, is that you don’t have to be a ‘nail girl’ to like and enjoy it and these products are great for the entire family!  My kids use my Indulgence set too!  But a nice perk to know, is that if you are only interested in one or a few of these products, you don’t need to purchase the set, they are all sold individually!

To find out more about our all natural ingredients and to get your own set check out my site!    CrystalTeal.Jamberry.comBlog Post 3a.png


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