Eleanor’s American Girl Doll Birthday Surprise!!

So today my baby turned 7!!  Okay, she’s not my youngest but she’ll always be my baby!!  I just love her so much!  So Ella (which is her nickname) was SO LUCKY to be surprised by her AMAZING aunt and uncle and be taken on a surprise trip to NYC to the American Girl Doll Store!!!  She has never before expressed interest in owning an American Girl Doll until just after Christmas when she mentioned that it was the only thing that she didn’t get.  Of course this was a shock to us, since she never asked for one!  (I just love how fickle kids are! ) Anyhow, as soon as her Aunt and Uncle heard this they decided they wanted to take her for an awesome birthday surprise!!  This lucky girl got to sleepover her Aunt’s with her little 9 month old cousin for the first time, then in the morning off to the American Girl Doll Store, where she was told to pick ANY doll she wanted!!  WOW!! So so lucky!!  Then not only did she get her doll, which she has name “Lucy” after Mommy’s favorite show (‘I Love Lucy’!) but she also was allowed to pick out new outfits AND accessories!! Plus she got her doll’s ears pierced, just like Ella just before Christmas got her own ears pierced!  She was also able to get her doll’s hair styled and several new pairs of earrings for her doll!  Then after her BIG PURCHASE at the American Girl Doll Store she got to go to The Plaza and see Eloise’s room!!  She even got to go to lunch with her American Girl Doll too!! I’m so happy that my daughter got such an AWESOME surprise for her birthday and is so lucky to have an AMAZING family!! ❤ ❤ blog-post-2


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