The Cleanse & Purge

As I sit here surrounded by magnetic letters and still barely able to see my feet, I ask myself how much crap can you have in one little apartment!!  lol!! I’m sure I’m not alone when I quote my dad’s description of leggings, and say that we have “10 lbs of ‘stuff’  packed into a 5 lb bag!!” LOL!!! Oh gotta love my Dad!! He just has such ‘a way’ with words!  Of course I paraphrased his quote so no one gets offended!!  I’ll paraphrase here, but to know me in real life, I do swear more then I should!  I’m working on it, I mean not really hard, but a little! (hehe!) Anyways….back to me standing in Claire’s magnetic alphabet…I decided it is time to CLEANSE this house of all the crap we’ve collected throughout the year!  Every time I do this I’m like, I’m going to have like 50 bags of garbage and I have like 3….so this time I’m going all out, I’m requiring 2 bags of garbage/donations and cleansing from each member of this household!! I think that’s a good standard…

This should be fun, because Eleanor, my 7 year old doesn’t want to part with anything, instead of throwing things out, she wants to ‘give them to her sister’ so she can complain that they are still hers later on.  <–This will not be happening this time.  My step sons, well they will come up with 1 bag of garbage combined then fight the rest of the time…that should be awesome!!  And my husband will tell me that nothing that we own is his so he wants it ALL thrown out…I will make sure that I specifically point out all the things of HIS that I am putting into a bag!  lol!! Sometimes, we need to remind these men of the slippers that they don’t want to throw out with the hole in the bottom that are worn in and they don’t want to toss but they can’t wear…the time has come your wife has said!!

I think with the aftermath of Christmas ending and a new baby coming sooner and not later (which I’m still not fully mentally prepared for AT ALL) its the perfect time to start this project!  So this weekend all of our “stuff” will be fully purged!  I want to be as minimalist as possible!!  My goal is to only carry one bag when I leave the house and have it be a pocket book that’s not heavy and includes any diaper bag necessities… (I feel like that’s every mom’s goal and you either end up forgetting most things or grab at least 1 additional bag…i’m refusing to do this, yes even with a toddler and a new baby coming!  Mommy needs her sanity!! Anyone else have this problem or have a solution?  While we are on this topic, I’m starting to panic about toddler plus baby, I’m feeling the need to potty train and make more independent my 16 month old very quickly!!  Wish me luck!! Any advice/thoughts are much appreciated in the comments!! ❤


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