New Year New Me

Hey!!  So I’m sitting here realizing that I’m revamping this blog, getting organized and so ready to kick my businesses up a notch!  I know typical Jan 1st attitude right?  It’s kind of like that I’m going to finally hit my goal weight this year and go to the gym every day promise! LOL!!  But really what is the difference between a New Year’s Resolution, a wish, and a goal?  I’ve heard a lot, but the saying that resonates with me best, is that a resolution or goal that is not written down and planned for is just a wish!  (So true!!) But if you actually write it down and plan out your vision or goals and what it will take to get there then you will be MUCH more likely to succeed in your endeavors!  So that is what I’m hoping since I just created a new desk area with an AMAZING Vision Board!! I’m a very visual person, and I believe that just looking at my board every day is going to be a DAILY reminder of what I need to accomplish to get me there!!  Plus I’ve broken it down into weekly and daily tasks that I need to accomplish in order to achieve my goals!  I think that there is really not much more I can do to plan other then actually put the plan into action!

So what are my goals for 2017?  I would love to promote in my business and grow my business partners, take my handmade business to the next level and maybe hire a person or 2 to work for me in that business as well, I’d also love to be able to take my family to Disney World this year, and create some strict office hours and some “unplugged” family time!  (It’s so hard these days with all the kids on the ipads, ipods, smart phones, laptops…not like when I was a kid!!)  I would also love to go on a vacation with just my husband for our 5 year anniversary! ❤ We have gone away together several times, but its been over 2 years since we went by ourselves, so we need it!!  I’d love to be more organized and to be more active once I have this baby and the gallbladder surgery I need!  (Like I said I’m an open book!)  I also have a goal of going back to reading each night, an actual book, because I’m “old school” and being more focused and engaged in each thing that I am doing.  Sometimes as a mom you need to really stop and focus on exactly what you are doing at that moment and LIVE IN THE MOMENT to appreciate it!  Because as moms our minds and attention are often pulled in so many directions that we find ourselves multitasking during the most inappropriate times!!

I see this new thing that a lot of people are choosing a “word” that they will concentrate on embracing this year…I’d have to pick 2, because I can’t follow directions well and I just can’t decide!!  They will be “Authentic” and “Present”!  Because so often on social media, we feel the need to hide ourselves and be the person we think that everyone wants us to be, and not only is that boring and tired, but its not “real” and relatable!  Our real hot mess, crazy mom bun, I haven’t showered in 2 days lives are real and authentic and it makes me happy to know that I’m not the only one looking back on my 20’s (yea saying that hurts my heart a little) yes looking back on my 20’s realizing that those days are long gone and these adventures, although WAY different, are still just and maybe sometimes even MORE amazing!! ❤ And be present because of the multitasking that we all do in our heads and in person!  I have at least 10 things on my mind at all times, I don’t even know how I can focus to write anything! lol!!  But I will be working on being present in every moment this year, because those are the true treasured moments, where you can put your phone down, forget about what you forgot about at the grocery store, let dinner burn a little and look at your daughter’s drawing that she did (regardless if she used your only nice lipstick to do it and covered the tablecloth in it as well).  Appreciate that she is unaware of what she did and how sweet it is to be so innocent and naïve, because with all the worries we as adults having weighing on us daily, it would be nice to be able to be that sweet and innocent again. 🙂

So with all that said….I welcome you to my blog and hot mess, non cookie cutter, busy and adventure filled life! ❤ Enjoy!!blog-cover-photo


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